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Sentez Merter Project

The biggest Shopping Center of Merter is rising! Sentez Merter Project is being built with a concept bazaar for wholesale ready-to-wear and apparel products.


A new name is rising among the Shopping Centers built in Istanbul. Sentez Merter Project, built in Merter, draws attention with its size and concept. It is being built as a project beyond the age with its modern architecture and unique features. Sentez Merter is waiting for you with its unique transportation opportunities. There are 237 stores in the project, which has a closed area of 24 thousand square meters. The project, which is Merter’s largest concept bazaar, offers an elite shopping center experience. The project, which attracts the attention of investors, also offers unique opportunities with its campaign payment options.

Where is the Sentez Merter Project?

Sentez Merter, which is among the rising projects on the European side of Istanbul, is being built in Güngören. It rises in Merter, which has a location in the middle of Bahçelievler and Güngören. Sentez Merter is the largest shopping center in Merter. Sentez Merter, which is an advantageous commercial project with its location, has easy transportation opportunities. It is adjacent to the E-5 connection, as well as to the Zeytinburnu Metro and Metrobus stations, which are close by. The project has a location that does not have transportation problems with its location close to options such as tram and bus stops. A unique investment opportunity awaits you in a unique location with the project with many options around it.

Sentez Merter Project

Features of the Sentez Merter

Sentez Merter, which comes across as a luxury commercial project, offers a pleasant shopping center experience with its features. The project, which includes restaurants and cafes, also includes a business lounge. You will be able to quickly handle your transactions with the banks in the project. Business lounge, valet, product delivery and cargo facilities are also among the features waiting for you at Sentez Merter. The project, which draws attention with its modern architecture, also includes parking and security services.

Website of the project: https://www.sentezmerter.com/



  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Business Lounge
  • Car Park
  • Valet
  • Product Instruction
  • Cargo
  • Close to Metro
  • Close to Metrobus


Sentez Merter Project


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