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About Us

EmlakMedya was established in 2020 and continues to broadcast within the scope of the sector’s requirements. EmlakMedya, a pioneer in the real estate sector, is a website that offers information and campaigns about current real estate projects such as housing projects, office projects, business center and commercial projects.

EmlakMedya, which gathers all the projects implemented in the construction and real estate sector in a single area according to their category, continues its efforts to respond to the corporate needs of you, our esteemed stakeholders, with a professional understanding and customer satisfaction principle. EmlakMedya team who are experts in their field, continues its activities in line with the requirements and goals of our valued customers, with the knowledge and experience they have gained during their time in the sector.

Our company, which continues its services under the umbrella of emlakmedya.com.tr, offers you the most up-to-date and top quality housing projects from all over Turkey, allowing you to access the most accurate and plain information. On the other hand, we always keep the information of our stakeholders up-to-date by sharing sectoral news such as the current housing campaigns that are closely related to the real estate sector, and the current housing loan interest rates applied by the banks.

Users can search according to their wishes on the web page of emlakmedya.com which is user-friendly, simple and completely solution-oriented interface. Thus, on the one hand, users can have information about the projects in the most suitable locations. On the other hand, they have the opportunity to evaluate the options in line with their budgets and interests.

Emlakmedya.com team organizes the information and media related to the projects that companies have delivered to them quickly and carefully in accordance with SEO. Your content is published following your approval on our EmlakMedya Group Sites in accordance with its subject. And then it is delivered to your potential target audience quickly through our social media channels.

Thus, we ensure that the emlakmedya.com web page users are instantly informed about new projects.

Our Services;

The main Corporate Services offered by EmlakMedya are as follows;

  • Construction and Real Estate Company Corporate Introduction
  • Presentation of Real Estate Projects
  • Project Launch and Campaign Announcements
  • Posting Sectoral Articles and News
  • Social Media Management

Please contact us at Contact us page for detailed information about advertising and promotion packages.